ADHD Assessments

I offer an Adult ADHD Assessments. This is a comprehensive assessment and uses a ADHD screening tools, such as, the Barkley scales, ACE scales ( which are used to support a diagnosis. I use either the  QbTest or the DIVA ADHD Assessment (

The ADHD Rating Scales, the Current View, and interview/discussion is helpful in determining if ADHD is present as the QbTest in particular is 87% valid and is an object measure of ADHD. It can be very helpful if an informant is available, such as, a partner, relative or a friend for collateral information.

For adolescents and young adults I will use the Connors ADHD assessment tool. I have had the benefit of being supervised by Professor Susan Young, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and expert in ADHD.

I have an interest and experience in assessment females with ADHD and females with ASD. I am also interested in the gender differences.


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